Want to change the world? Invest in educating girls…

Hi girls.

We were struck by this Time magazine article, and we weren’t the only ones. It has been distributed, shared and posted all over the web. The article tells us “If you want to fight poverty, fuel growth and combat extremism, try girl power.”

The article describes girls as one of this world’s most powerful potential resources, and remarks that focusing on their education will change the world in ways unmatched by what many assume are more obvious global changes.

Our favorite quote? From Larry Summers

“Investment in girls may well be the highest-return investment available in the developing world.”

We concur. Check out programs like Step Up and learn more about how to a part of this revolution.

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Who Knew? So many cool games, made here in Mass

Hi ladies, before we hit the weekend we wanted to share a quick bt of information about all the cool gaming design companies that are right here in Mass. So many iconic games have been created and designed here it makes us downright giddy.

So, check this story out, research the companies, think about how you might fit, and take action. We know we sound like a broken record, but it is up to you Dot Divas to change the game.


Have a good weekend. Don’t forget to check out our new site!

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This girl’s got game

Listen to this recent NPR story about gaming, and how although 40 percent of gamers online are female, the games are still created, designed and geared towards men. And that when girls are online playing, they get teased or treated like the “little ladies.” What’s up with that? As 17 year Dot Diva Jessica Cernadas says, this is “frustrating.”

Amen Jess, amen.

Designers tell us that games are still geared towards men, because, well more men play. It seems we have a little chicken or the egg issue here. The solution? Keep playing, stay smart and strong, and think about becoming a game designer yourself and changing the rules.

Have fun out there Dot Divas. And check out our new site…there’s a game designer on there you may want to meet….

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And the question is? Ask a computer, Mr. Trebek.

Two of Jeopardy’s most winningest contestants ever are about to meet their match. And he’s literally tons of fun.

IBM has created Watson, a supercomputer that “swallows encyclopedias”  and has learned to “phrase the answer in the form of a question.” Yes people, Watson is going to be a contestant on Jeopardy. Sometime in mid February, the hunky player will battle it out for the big prize (if Watson wins, 100% of his winnings will go to charity, while 50% of the human winner’s potential prize money is slated to go to charity…one reason to root for the big guy)

The Boston Globe tells us more.  So does Gawker.

Know what else? NOVA is doing a special on Watson. To that we think the answer is: “What is really cool?”

Have you seen our new site? You should..check it out.

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The Crew at Google Does Not Mess Around-ENTER their Science Fair!

Oh my. Dot Divas, you gotta give this a whirl. Check out Google’s Science Fair competition. In typical Google style, this science fair (aka contest) is the real deal. World class judges. AMAZING grand prize (a 10 day trip to the Galapagos Islands and a $50,000 dollar scholarship…just for starters)

Go on, take a look. Dream big. Shoot high. Roll the dice. We’ve got our money on a Dot Diva to take home the big prize…

Here’s more….



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J Lo and Computer Science help ring in 2011…

Hey Dot Divas, Happy New Year! How did you ring it in?

Anybody watch the famous, seemingly never-to-go away Times Square New Year’s Celebration? Fun, right? Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez and Chris Daughtry; neon lights all around, streamers, screaming fans and general holiday cheer.

This year, the event went off without a hitch. Did you see the fun, but slightly cringe inducing lowering of “Snooki” from a makeshift version of the famous ball via satellite from NJ? Did you marvel once again at the majesty of Times Square, its lights and moving billboards? We did too.

Did you notice any huge problems with audio or video? Any time delays or logistical screw ups? Neither did we.

Do you know what all of us at home revelers have to thank for an entertaining and relatively flawless show?

Computer Science. The ultimate behind-the-scenes hero.


Have you checked out our new site? Do it here.

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Hate math? Know somebody who does? Watch this and fear no more.

This video is one of the coolest things we have seen in a while. We love the narrator Vi’s fast talking, fast thinking take on things. We love the way math is considered and digested in a visual, fluid way that you can’t take your eyes off of.

As the article says, “She talks faster than a machine gun, loves math, and draws like a dream.”–very diva-like indeed.

We love the way Vi unapologetically devours math concepts, literally and figuratively. Check out her website for more visual representations of math and its powers, from balloons to snakes to candy eating like you have never seen it before.

Bravo Vi, Bravo.

BTW, have you seen our new site? There’s lots more cool, interesting info for you, your teachers, your parents, etc. Check it out!

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