And the question is? Ask a computer, Mr. Trebek.

Two of Jeopardy’s most winningest contestants ever are about to meet their match. And he’s literally tons of fun.

IBM has created Watson, a supercomputer that “swallows encyclopedias”  and has learned to “phrase the answer in the form of a question.” Yes people, Watson is going to be a contestant on Jeopardy. Sometime in mid February, the hunky player will battle it out for the big prize (if Watson wins, 100% of his winnings will go to charity, while 50% of the human winner’s potential prize money is slated to go to charity…one reason to root for the big guy)

The Boston Globe tells us more.  So does Gawker.

Know what else? NOVA is doing a special on Watson. To that we think the answer is: “What is really cool?”

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