Lookin good..a new site for you! Check it out.

We got a makeover! Our web site has been primped, polished and perked up. And you, Dot Divas, will reap the benefits. You know where to go: http://www.dotdiva.org
There is a lot of great new information and new features to keep you entertained and make you even smarter than you already are. Check it out here. And be sure to watch the webisode if you haven’t.

Check out the new profiles, 15 real Dot Divas who are changing the world in amazing ways, including:

Angelica, who designs musical robots that can perform duets.

Yolian, who develops digital body sensors that can save the lives of

Anamary, who creates 3-D fashion design software.

Laura, who developed a “virtual nurse” for hospital patients.

MaCherie, who created a smartphone app for art museum visitors


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Take the CSEdweek Pledge! Get involved….

Hi all,

CSEDweek is here. Give it your official stamp of approval by taking the Pledge that was created to support the week, its events, and its goals.

It is easy…you’ll be glad you did it. Go on, do it now. Do it here. Enjoy the week!

Here’s more….


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It is party time; nationwide. CS Edweek is here.

It’s party time girls. Next week, all across the country, CS Edweek will be celebrated. It’s a special week singled out to to “raise awareness of the role computing plays in all our lives and to promote computer science education for all students.”

Sounds good to us. Throughout the week, there will be events and celebrations, all created to raise awareness, encourage energy and attention around the field of computer science and, well, to have fun with computing. Various things (like interactive art, see pic), gaming, social network creation, etc. will be highlighted as examples of 21st century applications of computer science.

Check out specific events for students here.

We love this. We love all of it. We hope all you Dot Divas out there will take advantage of the resources next week offers.

As we celebrate, let’s embrace the passion and energy generated next week and remember to keep it going all year. Because while it is fantastic to celebrate and highlight, it is even better to be consistently loud about that fact that that computers science is changing the world while making it cooler and more fun.

Enjoy….let us know how it goes!

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Digital Divas. They’ll show you the way….

One of our smart Dot Divas shared this with us and we wanted to shine a little light on it. At the Museum of Science in Boston, two of its favorite tour guides are helping visitors see the light in terms of the world of computers and computer science.

They should know about the power of computers because, well, they were born from them. Literally. The two guides, Ada and Grace are literally virtual.

Check it out


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Science Fiction And Swans. Or something like that.

In more “computers make life cooler” news….

Ever made one of those those origami swans? Tricky right? Equal parts relaxing and tedious, right? Ever try and make a ton of them, for a party or a holiday? You sit there and think, after making about 50 of them, jeez I wish these things could fold themselves.

Well, fret no more. Because now; they can.

Researchers at MIT and Harvard (you know, those two no-big deal colleges in Cambridge, MA-ha) have developed a new kind of programmable matter. Essentially, they have used computing and theory to create a piece of “paper” that can fold itself.

So cool. So sci-fi.

Check it out here

Or here:


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Some good news from up north…

Oh Canada! It seems our sisters up north are in on the idea that gaming, and designing games, is oh so cool.

Check out this article in the Ottawa Citizen. It talks about a couple of companies, namely, Silicon Sisters and Ubisoft, who have set up shop (or will be soon) in Canada, and are eagerly recruiting Dot Divas to “program” them into the next generation.

Before you hit the big time like that, you have to go to school, right? Well, Algonquin College, a great school in Ottawa, offers a “video-game design course, which teaches students how to make, produce and distribute video games over Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox Live network.”

Um, awesome.

The article also tells us that “Since its creation in 2005, the three-year program has increased enrolment six-fold, from 40 to 240 students, and there are more than 300 on a waiting list.” But, the school is hoping to increase its female enrollment. You know what that means…

Ladies, the opportunities are endless. So, Dot Divas, Get out there and take advantage.

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Thanks tv folks. For giving us a Dot Diva to cheer for…check this out.

Just for fun. Any of you ladies out there fans of “NCIS?” The show is “an American police procedural drama television series revolving around a fictional team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.”

(so says Wikipedia)

In a nutshell, it’s one of several crime dramas that we see these days on tv. Usually the format goes a little like this: some heinous, bizarre and baffling crime happens in our city’s streets. A cracker-jack team of detectives, researchers, DNA and forensic specialists band together and solve the crime. Usually there is a twist…but these teams always solve the crime. Bad guys (and girls) go to jail and the city’s streets are returned to order…well, until next week’s episode.

NCIS, one of our favorites in this genre, features a Dot Diva we just love. We wanted to highlight her this week. Her name is Abby Sciuto. As Wikipedia tells us “Abby has been shown to have skills in traditional forensics, computer forensics, and hacking.”

Well….alright Abby. Nice. We like it. We like the tv folks who created the character. Right on.

Abby rocks. She is a take-no-prisoners computer whiz and a technical genius. Not to mention sassy, strong and sensitive, all at the same time. Abby frets when her co-workers fall ill or are in trouble (to the point of panic) yet she can verbally spar with the best of them,  crank out code or locate the true identity of a suspect, and their whereabouts, before you can say “ctrl alt delete.’

The girl is good. She is the backbone of the show’s crime solving storylines. And she does it all in true Dot Diva style.

Check out this fun youtube video of Abby in action.

Oh, and come see us for more cool stuff:


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